Are You Able To Truly Make Big Money with Project Payday?

Here is fundamentally how Project Payday actually works:

This is how it operates. You sign up to receive a sampling of something; let’s imagine it’s an acne cure.

This product has a retail price of $50, but all you have to pay is 5 greenbacks shipping and handling.

What you do is send your invoice in, and you in prinicple get paid $20 for your time and effort, because you have got to take some time to cancel the automatic monthly shipment of acne remedy which you may not have realized is going to be charged to your credit card monthly.

Not such an awful deal, right?

You pay $5 and earn a $15 profit. And the referring affiliate also earns a nice profit because the miracle drug company paid them a solid $40 commission to get a new sale.

Pretty much an everyone wins scenario. Or is it?

Is Project Payday a Honest Way to Earn a Couple Of dollars?

Project Payday is a system that is meant to teach folks the way to earn royalties promoting “cost per action” offers, but sadly these techniques are highly controversial, just like the example above.

Are you familiar with CPA offers? These frequently start out with a trial offer, perhaps offering something for which you only have to pay shipping and handling, the hope being the company will get extra sales and payments later .

You’ve probably seen them those flashing banners all over the Web that say get an iPod for free just pay postage and packing, or get a free portable just by completing our survey. These are known in the business as incentivized freebie websites, and they’re modeled on the same idea as Project Payday is.

That is not to say you won’t receive your free iPod after filling in a survey or checking boxes next to other associate offers that you are probably not very interested in anyhow, but listen to me there truly is a gigantic catch.

This is just a method for the company to capture your personal info, and you might find that your acne cure cream is being delivered every month and being billed to your credit card before you realize it we all know there isn’t any such thing as free.

Naturally, if you really are interested in the service – then that’s a different situation altogether.

But if an affiliate marketer comes in and basically bribes you to complete the offer and then advises you to straight away cancel any further commitment, the company gets cheated.

The company is losing money as it is paying the affiliate and you for doing something that’s basically unethical and devious. Accordingly, the solution to any question about Project Payday will often include the phrase” no it is not ethical.” But then if you have no morals and are happy to collect commissions that way, then ultimately if enough people do it the company will ultimately go broke and you may essentially be slaughtering the golden goose.

Amazingly, there are folks out there who do make six figure incomes only working part-time promoting these incentivized CPA offers. The difference being how they promote those offers, with their promoting abilities they can attract people who are truly inquisitive about a product. This model works extremely well when it is done in a moral fashion by combining both the art and science of selling and without cheating anyone.


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