Small Business Marketing Ideas

The 21st century and the global recession have definitely put the kitty among the pigeons where small business is concerned but there are plenty of straightforward no-cost and low-cost solutions for small businesses to maintain and even increase share of the market. As small shops find they cannot contend with giant conglomerates they unavoidably fail, unless they can offer more to their clients. This is performed by smart promoting and offering price and a better experience to the shopper.

So, how is a small business to stay floating in these hard times?

If you have a bricks and mortar specialist store like a camera shop or a tool store chances are that you are fighting to make money by cutting margins and overheads radically.

This country has to get back to offering price in the form of fantastic post-sale and pre-sale consumer service, offer expertise and employ people who know what they are doing, not someone that has neither initiative, character nor experience.

Look at what the major chains don’t offer and you will see that customer service is a thing of the past, their stores all look the same and if they haven’t got what you want, you’re sunk. Local businesses are what make a community and folks who have selected to start their own businesses have a passion for what they do and they like to help when was the last time that occurred in your local Wallymart?

It is surprising to find out that many small businesses don’t wish to have a website.

These business owners are ignorant of the fact that Google loves small business and support them by placing them on top page of the search results provided they put the name of the city and important offerings on their web page.

This offers a particularly gigantic advantage to small business owners. Besides this, small business owners can list their websites in local directories through the local Chamber of Commerce, as an example, either for a small charge or freely.

Many small business owners are also of the opinion that starting and maintaining a domain will cost them a lot of cash and is tough.

Offering inexpensive web site construction and maintenance for small local businesses has become a cottage industry in itself.

All a small local business needs is a Google map of where they are , a page explaining what they do, a section that gives opening hours and contact data, some great photographs and maybe a record of the business and that is it!
Add an opt in box and a once per month newsletter can go out, discounts can be despatched and sales announced, and with the addition of some affiliate advertizing the site can actually make the business owner some money even after covering the minor costs involved.

Internet businesses have a much tougher task on their hands. They have much larger competition and must employ S.E.O and a myriad of other marketing strategies, especially to build up a list of subscribers.

A site’s recognition reflects a bunch of things: the age of the site, the consistency with which it is updated, the value of its content and the relevancy of its content and the amount of backlinks it has. Just like a small high street business, a website should offer beneficial information, great customer service and brand itself as being unique. It’s all about attraction selling.


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