Setting Up Residual Incomes Streams on The Web

Are you one of many individuals that would like to form multiple streams of income to help pay the bills during these stressful money times? Take this quick affiliate marketing test we will warn you, it contains some maths. Let’s see how you do, it’s not tricky. Below follow 2 precise real-world selling strategies. Your job is to work out which one will be more moneymaking in the long term.

It takes a hundred clicks to make a sale. Each sale pays a $100 one off commission. There is a 5% refund rate. If you pay $0.80 per click, how much money will you make per $100 investment?

It takes 100 clicks to make a sale. Each sale pays a $100 and a once a month commission of $10. There’s a five percent refund rate and the average monthly subscription lasts 4 months. If you pay $0.80 per click, what amount of cash will you make per $100 investment?

OK, in the first example it would cost $80 to make one sale. So you would make $20 minus the five percent refund rate thus ending up with an ROI of $19. That is not such a terrible investment.

Now, in the second example you get the same result for the sale — $80, but your net profit is very much more galvanizing due to that four months worth of residual income. You would still get the $19 ROI on your initial $100 investment, but here you make that additional $40 a 59% investment return.

Residual Income That Tiny Extra Goes a Great Distance

You can always tell a super affiliate’s selling model the only time they will offer something like in the 1st example above, they’re going to find a method to leverage that sale. Most of them will offer a free report, a bonus, or a type of review simply as a means of getting your opt in info they give price for price and that’s where the leverage comes in.

A focused opt-in list could be worth up to five greenbacks a month to the list owner. The key is to offer an upsell later , which naturally gives the opportunity to earn another commission.

Or there perhaps an UPSELL later which has the potentiality to earn another commission.

But what you’ll notice more frequently is they Target promoting services that not only pay an one-up commission but also pay a serious monthly residual commission.

Put simply, if the affiliate marketing product hasn’t got a continuity program behind it – most super associates will never touch it. Why should they? It can imply the most important difference between a 19% ROI and a 59% ROI.

Swell Your Income Streams let them Flow into a Stream of Residual Income!

The Nile Stream is the longest stream in the world.

You can see it and it’s 2 main tributaries from space. It’s that enormous. What you cannot see is the Nile is essentially fed by THOUSANDS of individual streams and tributaries. Thousands.

Lots of tiny streams merging to create one big, world-record breaking river.

Taking your affiliate marketing income to the next level is typically a matter of making your own Brook of income by creating multiple, little streams of income.

Start promoting products and services that pay a once per month residual income. And only those products. And then simply sit back and watch the magic occur.

Because when you have residual income coming in – you never start the month at zero! Think about that.

You are never truly beginning over or starting from 0 and hoping beyond hope that you sell something this month.


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